Hp simple pass.HP SimplePass

Hp simple pass.HP SimplePass


Hp simple pass


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Apr 30,  · HP SimplePass is a freeware secure access software download filed under password software and made available by Hewlett Packard for Windows. The review for HP SimplePass has not been completed yet, but it was tested by an editor here on a PC and a list of features has been compiled; see below. A fingerprint management and password database utility/5(26). Sep 04,  · Series 8 HP SImplePass program VA for Windows 10 is now available: sp HP SimplePass VA W7-W10 32/64bit Restart once you have installed the drivers. You can likely use your Windows Validity ted Reading Time: 2 mins. The HP SimplePass security application displays on-screen prompts to lead you through the step-by-step process. Click Start, type simple in the search field, and then select HP SimplePass from the list. The window displays a Have you found your fingerprint sensor? message and shows the location of the sensor. Click Yes to continue.


Hp simple pass.HP SimplePass – Download

Jan 21,  · HP SimplePass is a Firewalls and Security application like Qustodio, Multilogin, and Panda from HP Development Company, L.P.. It has a simple and basic user interface, and most importantly, it is free to download. HP SimplePass is an efficient software that is recommended by many Windows PC users. 5 rows · HP SimplePass is a software program developed by Hewlett-Packard. The most common release is 4/5. HP SimplePass allows you to safely store logon information for your favorite websites, and use a single method of authentication for your password-protected website accounts. Choose a fingerprint, password or PIN to authenticate your identity. Your computer must have at least one password-protected Windows User Account to use HP SimplePass.
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HP Customer Support. Select your model. How does HP install software and gather data? Customizing the layout. Setting up and using QuickLaunch. Registering SimplePass. Adding and deleting web sites. Using Settings, Options, and Help functions. Updating SimplePass.

A fingerprint reader is a security device that uses a scanned image of your fingerprint to authenticate who you are. With fingerprint security software you can log on to applications and secure web sites by scanning your fingerprint instead of typing your user name and password on the keyboard. To use a fingerprint reader, there must be at least one Windows User Account, and that account should require a password to log on to Windows.

You can register additional fingerprints or web sites at any time. Setting up SimplePass Enrolling your fingerprints and passwords only needs to be done once. The HP SimplePass security application displays on-screen prompts to lead you through the step-by-step process.

The window displays a Have you found your fingerprint sensor? Click Yes to continue. Figure : Fingerprint reader location. When prompted Are you ready to enroll? The Create Windows Password window appears. Enter and confirm your Windows password, and then click OK to continue. Figure : Create Windows password. When prompted to Select a finger , click the desired finger on the graphic and swipe the finger across the sensor. Notice that a blue dot appears at the finger tip on the graphic, and, if the fingerprint is accepted, a green check mark appears on the message panel and a portion of the progress bar turns blue.

Figure : Enroll a finger. Swipe your finger over the sensor again. You must swipe your finger a total of three times to verify the fingerprint image has been captured. Once the registration is successfully completed, the dot on the finger tip turns from blue to green to verify fingerprint enrollment. To enroll an additional finger, select the desired finger and follow the same procedure as before.

Figure : Enroll additional finger. If the finger is not aligned on the sensor correctly, you will receive an error message, such as That was too far to the left. Align your finger to the center on the sensor and swipe it again. Align the finger and continue until it is accepted green checkmark appears and the blue bar advances. Figure : Finger enrollment error message.

If you continue to have issues with registering a fingerprint, you may receive the following error message: It looks like you’re having some trouble. Do you want to try again? Click Yes to continue or click No Thanks to quit and start over. Figure : Fingerprint enrollment error message – Try again?

Once initial setup is complete, you will receive a Fingerprints enrolled message. Several icons are displayed across the lower portion of the screen, representing the different web sites, applications, and actions that are associated with SimplePass.

Figure : SimplePass web site and application associations. To open a site, hover the cursor over an icon, which causes it to expand, and then double-click the expanded icon to open the web site, application, or action associated to the icon. Figure : Open a web site or application. To add or change the name and password associated with a web site, right-click the desired icon.

Figure : Add or change name and password. Now that SimplePass is configured, you can log on to your computer and access web sites or applications without having to type in your account name and password. Customizing the layout After completing the initial setup, you can customize the layout of an icon on the main screen to configure the application to meet your requirements.

Open the SimplePass application and click the Select Category box in the lower left corner of the screen to organize the icons. Figure : SimplePass all categories view. Notice that by clicking a particular category, only the icons associated with that category are displayed across the bottom of the screen. Figure : SimplePass single category view. On the web card enter the required name and password, select a category and add a custom icon to identify the web site.

Figure : Add new web site or application. By adding or deleting icons, you can customize the program to fit your particular needs and applications. Setting up and using QuickLaunch Once you enroll your fingerprints, you can set up the QuickLaunch feature to activate more than one web site with a single finger swipe. You can configure up to three web sites per finger and you can configure multiple fingers.

To assign a web site to a finger, select the icon for the desired web site or application, and then drag it to the graphic of the registered finger.

Figure : QuickLaunch setup. Notice that the icons for multiple selected web sites are displayed on one finger. Figure : Multiple web sites registered to one finger. To verify the operation, swipe the finger over the fingerprint sensor, and then navigate through the tabs on the web browser. Figure : Example of multiple web sites opened with one finger swipe.

To remove an icon from a finger, right-click the icon and a pop-up box appears that allows you to either Delete Icon or Delete All to remove all icons enrolled to that finger. Registering SimplePass Registering SimplePass allows you to display specific contact information and a picture or avatar when using the application.

Open the SimplePass application. Notice the simple graphic in the left panel. The two buttons at the bottom of the panel are used to switch between a picture, and a picture plus name and contact information. Switch to the panel with the smaller picture and hover the cursor over the upper right corner of the panel. If prompted to Edit profile , click the icon to access the registration screen.

Figure : SimplePass profile. Fill in the name and contact information on this screen, and then click Save. Figure : SimplePass profile registration. Switch to the panel with the larger picture and hover the cursor over the upper right corner of the panel. If prompted to Change your profile picture , click the icon to access the picture folders on your computer. Figure : SimplePass generic profile picture.

Double-click any personal photograph or avatar to accept the picture for the account. Figure : Example of SimplePass custom profile picture. You can continue customizing the SimplePass screen by adding and deleting web sites and applications until it contains only those that pertain to your needs. Adding and deleting web sites You can add a new account and edit or delete web sites to personalize the main window. Figure : SimplePass opening screen.

Input the required information on the displayed web card and click Save to complete. Figure : Add a web site manually. Alternately, when you navigate to a web site that requires a logon, SimplePass recognizes the need for a password and displays a prompt. Assuming that you are already registered on the site, enter the user name and password as normal, and then click logon.

Figure : Add a website with a finger swipe prompt. When prompted, swipe an enrolled finger over the sensor. SimplePass stores the URL, user name, and password. The web site is added to the listing on the main SimplePass window.

To delete a web site from the listing, right-click the icon to access the web card and click Delete. Figure : Delete web site listing. Click Settings icon to view the personalization settings,.